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We sell Iranian sargol saffron (called red gold in Iran) grade 1 with ISO certification plus Halal and HACCP certification and offer both retail and wholesale saffron filaments price offers. It is the World's most expensive spice and its price is high due to the fact it takes some 150,000 crocus flowers to produce 1 Kg of dried saffron filaments of grade 1. The saffron price is also determined to an extent by the labour intensive hand picking harvesting process which must be done because using industrial machinery would destroy the delicate flowers and their precious saffron filaments. FInd the price of saffron powder here. The highest concentration of active naturally occuring compounds like crocine, picocrocin and safranal are to be found in the top 3mm all red filament tips and this particular cut of saffron is called "Sargol". Iran has ancient heritage in the production of this precious commodity and it is widely regarded by chefs and foodies as the best country of origin for the finest quality in the World.