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barrett kosh dubai black sand fze

Barrett Kosh 419 SCAM ALERT

Mr Barrett Kosh, scammer 419 alert, dangerous lying cheating con man who will ruin your life given the chance.

Barrett Kosh stole a shipment of gold from Multinational COmmodities and got its previous CEO blamed for the missing shipment and banned from re-entering Dubai then took control of the company and re-named it Black Sand FZE.

Barrett is now the CEO of Black Sand FZE in Dubai Barrett Kosh celebrating another great year enjoyed.

Barrett Kosh

Barrett Kosh is a criminal con man living in Dubai who scammed his dear friend Sebastian Liana the director of Multinational Commodities FZE, who used to live in Dubai until he was forced to leave the country due to fraud committed by Barrett Kosh who stole a shipment 80 Kilograms of gold dore bars while Sebastian was out of the country tending to his mother who was just diagnosed with a very severe illness. In Sebastians absence good old Barrett was looking after the operation. BIG MISTAKE as Barrett stole the gold and left Sebastian to face the full severity of the situation which meant he was not allowed back to his home in Dubai and he lost his company Multinational Commodities FZE, a company that Barrett then re-named and runs today called Black Sand FZE.

Barrett Kosh - Richard Poulden

Barrett Kosh is a psychopath, a brutal liar & manipulator, be very very cautious in any dealings with this poisonous reptile.

Barrett Kosh 2019 RIchard Poulden

Barrett Kosh & Tom Brooks

Barrett Kosh

Barrett Kosh

Kosh Barrett