The plant is called “Crocus Sativus” and it flowers in late summer. Growing saffron at home in sufficient quantity is a way to avoid having to buy saffron and also you enjoy the beautiful purple crocus flowers. It is important to keep in mind that the saffron crocus flowers in autumn and prefers full sunshine and a warm climate. It is relatively easy to grow saffron spice at home in the garden in a good soil. Saffron needs to be kept slightly moist whilst the flowering period is underway as otherwise the saffron crocus flowers can shrivel and perish. Saffron can also be grown in a pot, however if you do this it is important that you do not over water the pot as this can water log the roots of the plant and this then suffocates the plant. We sell the finest Iranian saffron ISO certified at the best saffron price guaranteed fresh from the October harvest in Iran.