We sell grade 1 organic Iranian sargol saffron ISO 3632 certified.

All of the worlds best chefs cook certain dishes with saffron spice and regard it as one of the most prized ingredients.  On this website we have a section discussing saffron recipes like Persian saffron rice and  Indian  curry dishes utilising saffron filaments. For cooking it is best to use the finest sargol cut as it has highest potency with regards flavor and color power. Saffron spice is available in sargol, pushal and konge cuts pof the saffron stigma filament. Sargol is the highest quality pure red tips and the most valuable cut of all treasured by chefs and also used professionally as a dye in textiles industry. Pushal saffron is the red/orange mid region of the saffron spice and konga saffron is the yellow lower portion of the safron and the lowest grade. Azafran as it is called in Arabic has been used in saffron cooking recipes for centuries, originally Arabic people used saffron, but as trade routes developed the saffron spice spread to the west and rest of Eorld where saffron is today enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.