The packaging of saffron takes place after the saffron productionprocess involving hand picked harvest followed by drying then removing the saffron strands from the saffron crocus.

The Saffron spice we sell is packaged in Iran by the Sahar Khiz family run saffron company est. 1932.

The nature of saffron spice is that is is an extremely light-sensitive compound and therefore to ensure it reaching the user in the best condition saffron must be well sealed and protected from the sun’s rays in the transportation process.

Saffron is packaged in metal cans which are then stocked into boxes and the boxes sealed strongly.

Saffron is packaged by some suppliers in cartons lined with aluminum foil, as the foil blocks sun rays from dammaging the saffron spice. There is no point to buy saffron if it has not been packaged correctly.