The Saharkhiz saffron company in Iran has since 1932 produced the finest sargol grade 1 saffron filamentssaffron powder and saffron tea. Our powdered saffron is made from our Iranian saffron filament tips only so you can always be assured of our filament & powder saffron highest quality. Sadly low quality saffron is often traded on international markets and you need to beware of this as often the criteria for pure saffron are  not respected.  Dr. A. Jayathilak, Chairman of ISO standards stated "Saffron's high value have made it often an object of adulteration". Our saffron has international certificates ISO 9001-2008 + ISO 22000:2005 and also national standard number 259-1 from the Iranian Industrial Research Institute. Below we have compiled a chart of laboratory analysis showing our sargol iranian saffron in quality and power comparison to the best Spanish varieties.

Our Sargol saffron VS Spanish varieties


ISO Grade (category)

Saffron Grading Standards by
ISO 3632

Flower Waste

Saffron Style

Our Sargol





Spanish Coupe



Up to 5%


Spanish Mancha



Up to 5%


SPanich Rio



Up to 10%


Spanish Standard



Up to 10%


Spanich Sierra



Up to 15%



There are only limited regions of the world where saffron grows well naturally. Iran is a country that produces the very finest and largest quantity of saffron. There are 2 locations in Iran where saffron has grown for 1000s of years in antiquity, one such region is Pampur which is a small beautiful old town approximately 10Km from Srinagar. This location is where historically in Iran the saffron industry got estabilshed originally and today still predominates. Iranian saffron has consistently provided a guarantee of quality to generations of consumers all around the globe who know of its quality and dependability. When you buy our finest Saharkhiz saffron you always know you are getting 100% top quality Persian saffron and this standard is what you will get the year after year without deviation from excellence. Our saffron is certified to international standards and we are always striving to maintain and improve. You need fewer strands of Iranian saffron because of its higher coloring strength and stronger aroma and flavor so in fact it is more economical to use and saves you money whilst also packing more medicinal power potency into your body and your mind too. Iranian saffron is favored by the leading chefs due to its higher quality and reliable constant quality, as did the Egyptians, Romans and greeks who also used it for cooking, coloring and also of course as they were well aware of its special medical benefits.