Saffron Spice Market Price

The harvest in October time is when saffron prices are set and will depend upon the years climatic conditions that nature randomly delivers. The Saharkhiz family organic saffron farm in Iran saffron harvest is undertaken by ladies as they have the delicate hands needed for such a fine task of handling delicate flowers like the saffron crocus. To make Saharkhiz saffron sargol cut, only the very top most portion of the stigma filament is separated, which contains the highest proportion of active natural compounds which give the spice its characteristic flavour and colour. The saffron is dried and packed for export to the UK where we store it for fastest delivery to UK and EU customers. There are many saffron price discounts across our entire range so please take a look at the great deals on offer. We keep our prices low for our loyal customers to enjoy our finest quality saffron, which we are proud to state has acchieved international certification ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 22000:2005. Our product also carrys Iran national standard 259-1 from the Iranian Industrial Research Institute. We guarantee you the best quality saffron spice in the World, excellent friendly customer service and reliable fast delivery plus a loyalty points scheme where you earn money on each item you purchase in our saffron shop, thank you for your interest in us we look forward to serve you. 

The safron price per gram and price per kilo depends upon the cut of saffron. The most prized and expensive is the sargol all red filament tips. Below the sargol is the lower grade orange reddish pushal saffron and below this is the konge saffron which is yellow, weak and not favored for cooking or use asa dye. Saffron prices depend upon the country of origin of the saffron, Iran being the finest quality saffron in the World and far better than Moroccan, Spanish saffron and Kashmiri. You can purchase saffron safely here knowing it is pure saffron and all red saffron guaranteed at the best saffron price online. Order saffron today and have saffron delivered Worldwide. The price of saffron depends upon its grade and the saffron grade is determined by the laboratory analysis of a sample of the saffron which has the adsorbance values measured at 440 nanometers (nm), 310nm and 257nm.

Saffron is sold in many different grades from several different countries of origin and at a variety of saffron prices. When buying saffron sargol you must beware of fraudulent sellers passing off lower grade saffron that has been dyed red or even the entire filament has been dyed red, so here are a few key points to examine to evaluate that you have purchased saffron of proper grade quality that you paid for.

1. The saffron threads should be only a few cm in length. Long red threads indicates that the entire  saffron filament (stigma of the crocus sativus flower)  has been dyed so instead of being red at the tip, orange in the middle and yellow at the base it will of course be all painted red, this is a common way to look out for your safety shopping for saffron.

2. Uniformity of the red colour tint throughout the whole batch again indicates that the threads could have been altered by chemical dyeing agents.

3. The presence of flecks of yellow/orange running through the sargol saffron threads is another indication that the saffron has been artificially coloured and the streaking pattern happens due to one saffron filament being covered over by a separate filament and therefore blocking the application of the dye to this area and hence leaving a streaked pattern.

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