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Saffron  hand picking of the saffron crocuses, then hand removal of the stigmas from the rest of the flower. Saffron price per gram, saffron price per ounce and saffron price per Kilo vary according to the country of origin of the saffron, the type of saffron (sargol, pushali or konga) and the type of harvest that prevails on a given year. The cut of the saffron you get, this could be 100% red Sargol saffron, semi-red/orange Pushali saffron or yellow Konge saffron.

Prices of saffron vary from season to season and depending upon how the October harvest performs on that particular year. The prices of safron also depend upon the country of origin of the saffron, Iran being the finest quality saffron in the World and far better than Moroccan saffron, Spanish saffron and Kashmir saffron.

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