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The industry standard ISO mark of saffron quality approval and trust protects you from fraudulent sellers of saffron passing off lower grade saffron that has been dyed or mixed or altered in any way to try to deceive you that you are receiving highest quality saffron spice. Saharkhiz as a producing until always places vital importance on quality saffron production, in response to the customers’ ever-increasing confidence and demand and in line with implementation of Saharkhiz saffron quality aims, it has established an equipped laboratory & managed to obtain national standard No.259-1 from institute of standard and industrial research of Iran, as well as international certifications of HACCP, ISO 9001:2008 &ISO 22000:2005. 

We sell sargol saffron filaments and sargol saffron powder packed in in Iran fresh from October harvest and exported to the UK. Iran has a proud and legendary historical tradition in production of saffron spice which continues as strong as ever today. The Saharkhiz family began their organic saffron cultivation farm back in 1932 and since this time the family have built on this cornerstone to create a World respected product of optimum uncompromising quality, guaranteed consistent same excellence year on year, our passion never waning and always preparing for the next October harvest, there is always much to do to look after and nurture the saffron flowers throughout the growing Spring and Summer season with watering and natural pest control of course using absolutely no artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides in order to maintain the full integrity of our organic sargol saffron spice.

Iranian saffron is the World's premium quality and potency. Both in terms of flavor strength for cooking and color power for dyeing, its highest concentration of active naturally occuring chemicals within the crocus sativus flower.

Cuts of Saffron

Sargol: The all red pure saffron tips that are the highest quality saffron containing highest crocine, safranal and color power.

Pushal: This is the orangeish red color mid range of the saffron strand that is cut below the sargol, it is slightly less potent flavor and lower color powering than sargol.

Konge: This is the lowest grade os saffron it is yellow in color and the weakest of all cuts and so the cheapest, it is not favored by chefs for saffron cooking recipes and it is also not ever used for its dyeing properties as it has none to speak of. 

Bunch: This is the last saffron variety in which it is sold as the entire lengt of the filament from red tips through the orange mid region into the yellow and finally white style where it joins the flower. The bunch includes all of the stigma and style of the saffron crocus filament and looks visually attractive but is not an economical way to purchase saffron

When fine quality saffron is added to water, the water will gradually become pale yellow in colour. After more time the saffron spice added to the water should turn the liquid a deeper and more vivid color.